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Technology based on Artificial Intelligence improves the user training experience, offering the highest level of customization (tools for selecting and aggregating content) and automating at the same time the longest and most complex activities for Training and Development managers.

Docebo Learn (LMS)

Docebo Learn (LMS) supports your on-boarding processes and the professional development of employees through formal training.

Measure results

Docebo Learn allows you to centralize and organize courses, distribute and manage online and instructor courses, trace certifications and measure results with dashboards and customized analyzes.

Artificial intelligence

Our eLearning platform is based on Artificial Intelligence, which automatically tags content and facilitates research.

A revolutionary platform

Why docebo?

100% cloud, ready to use

Create your e-Learning project in less than 5 minutes and start training your users all over the world right away!

Modern user interface

Docebo has a modern and attractive graphic interface, for a simple and intuitive user experience.

Total customization

Customize the Docebo e-Learning platform using your company logo and colors, create your layout and use your domain. Ask us how!


Extend Docebo LMS with additional features and integrate it with your business software: ERP, CRM, Human Resources, Videoconferencing, Social Networks, CMS and much more!

Unlimited space, courses and bands

With Docebo you have no hidden costs or limitations: upload your courses and create your users, without any space limit.

Find out how to revolutionize your business training with artificial intelligence

docebo authorized reseller

Docebo is designed to support solid training and development strategies, and has been chosen by over 1,400 companies worldwide for its ability to satisfy multiple uses, both for internal and external business training.

Docebo is changing the way people learn through artificial intelligence. While traditional training technologies are based on formal courses and a top-down approach, the Docebo platform supports training in the daily workflow to guide the growth, performance and profits of your organization.

Ai simplifies content search, generating more accurate results

Docebo Learn (LMS) supports your learning processes and the professional growth of your users through formal training, with an ecosystem of training that allows you to centralize, organize and distribute courses, trace certifications and measure data with customized analyzes.

Thanks to the AI, Docebo Learn (LMS) automatically tag your content, to generate more accurate search results, while the advanced global search function allows users to more easily find the content of their interest.

Thanks to AI, Docebo Learn (LMS) is interesting.

Better visibility guarantees a better team

The My Team feature offers managers a revolutionary way to directly monitor their team's educational activities, identify skills gaps and manage expired certifications.

It simplifies administration activities, allowing the managers of the eLearning platform to assign, register or suggest the most relevant educational resources for their team members.

Customized training to meet different types of users

Docebo Pages allows administrators of your eLearning platform to totally customize the graphic interface and the learner experience, adapting it easily to any formative need.

Create custom pages, organizing widgets with drag-and-drop interface: in a few minutes and without having to deal with the platform code.

The e-learning platform that grows together with your organization

The advanced suite of apps and functions of our Learning Management System adapts to the specific needs of your users and the evolution of your e-Learning project.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Services, Docebo LMS guarantees high performance, scalability and flexibility.

Customize your lms

docebo piattaforma elearning personalizzata

Docebo allows you to customize the graphics, colors and layout of your LMS. Create an online training environment aligned to your brand, so as to make it familiar and accessible to employees, partners and customers of your organization.

Automate your lms management

Docebo drastically reduces the number of administrative tasks and the risk of errors. By automating recurring tasks, Docebo allows administrators to focus totally on user training.

Define the rules and let the system do the work, without worrying about manually registering users.

Use integrations and apps to make your e-learning platform more efficient

With over 30 ready-to-use additions and a powerful set of APIs, you can connect your Docebo eLearning platform with the software your company is already using.

In this way, you will be able to simplify the training processes, integrating them into the workflow, to achieve better business performance.

Integrate social training in the workflow with coach & share

Docebo Coach & Share is based on Artificial Intelligence (IA) and improves the effectiveness of social learning in your organization, supporting the natural way users learn. The AI allows you to capture the knowledge of users and experts more easily.

When a user uploads new content, the platform automatically generates a list of users who have used similar one and who might be interested in new material, creating a complete and centralized social training experience.

Ask questions, get answers straight away

docebo ricerca intelligenza artificiale

Docebo Coach & Share allows users to quickly find the information they need enabling them to ask questions and get answers based on the knowledge generated by other users and experts throughout the organization.

The functions of Advanced Global Search and Auto-generation of tags based on Artificial Intelligence simplify not only the upload and sharing of information, but it also increase the search capabilities, allowing users to access the information needed at the time needed.

Capture the knowledge of users and experts

docebo esperti per la formazione

Capture the knowledge and content generated by other users, validate them through peer-review and share them with all company teams, building a knowledge-sharing culture that recognizes and rewards top performers. Docebo Coach & Share integrates with Screencast-O-Matic to capture and share screen shots and webcam recordings.

Both administrators and users can record lessons, webinars, demos and Skype calls quickly and easily generating video resources. The AI "listens" to video resources, automatically generates a tag list to facilitate content categorization and search.

Ia finds the right contents for the right people

docebo intelligenza artificiale

The "Invite to Watch" feature is based on Artificial Intelligence and expands social learning opportunities in your organization. When a user uploads new content, the platform automatically generates a list of users who have worked with similar content and who might be interested in the new one.

Create and manage training playlist contents

docebo playlist e contenuti formativi

Create customized playlists with different types of training content. Collect assets related to specific topics or work to be performed. Promote educational autonomy in your organization, increase social learning opportunities and support the natural way users learn.

Award the top performers

docebo social learning

Optimize your social learning platform, reward virtuous behavior and get in-depth analysis on your online training. While users and experts join forces to create best practices, top performers are recognized by colleagues and rewarded by the organization.



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