LMS Open Source

Moodle is an online Learning Management System that allows you to create platforms on which to upload content that extends learning anywhere and always.

A platform built around you

Mosaicoelearning builds different types of Moodle installations for different clients. The completely customized Moodle system allows you to work on its code and generate virtually any type of interface.

For everyone

Whether you are a company, a school, a teacher, a student or an administrator, Moodle is right up your alley. Its extremely customizable system is equipped with dozens of basic features.

What is moodle?

We change the world through open source education

Modern and easy interface

Designed to be responsive and accessible, moodle interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile.

Customized dashboard

View past, present and future courses along with the activities still to be performed.

Activity and collaboration

Make your group work and learn in synergy with forums, wikis, glossary, activity database and much more.


The moodle calendar tool allows you to keep track of activities, deadlines, meetings and personal commitments.

Simple management

Drag files from cloud services like ms onedrive, dropbox and google drive.

Track progress

Trainers and students can monitor their ongoing and completed activities thanks to various tools and resources available.

Customize the layout

moodle custom theme

Easily customize Moodle themes with your logo, color scheme and branding. Or create your theme from scratch.

Safe authentication

moodle enrolment methods

Over 50 options for managing registrations and authentications, to add your students on all the courses you want.


moodle multilanguages

Allow students to view course content and learn directly in their own language. You can also set up multilingual users and organizations.

Assign roles and permits

moodle calendar editore role features

Set security and display parameters by defining and assigning specific roles to users. Manage students’ accesses too.

Standard support

moodle standard feautures

Import and export scorm courses and other formats.

moodle work

External integrations

moodle quiz feautures

Integrate external applications and content freely. Or create your own custom plugins to generate custom integrations.

Simple plugin management

moodle plugin installer

Install and disable all the plugins you want with a single and simple admin interface.

Security updates

moodle plugin installer

Moodle is constantly updated with all the latest security patches to give you a safe experience.

Detailed tracking

moodle admin

Generate and observe reports on the activities you have created and monitor the participants’ progress within the individual courses.

Moodle app

moodle mobile

With moodle app you can learn from anywhere, and take advantage of many mobile-related benefits.



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