Gamification - Storytelling - Interactive Scenarios



November 5th 2019

@Vyond headquarters

159 2nd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401

5:30PM - 8:30PM


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Have you ever thought you could have a Made in Italy styled course in your hands? Want to find out how, and why effective style and design matter, and bring better results in your online training and courses?

DISCOVER - Fundamentals of great elearning course design from Italy's #1 content development shop. Whether you are new to elearning or experienced, new ideas and inspiration await.

Learn about Mosaicoelearning‘s project, mindset, and history. Discover why and how the Digital Learning Made in Italy can change your way of making great and smart elearning

WATCH - We'll share with you best practices for adding interactivty, gorgeous media, course flow and design, and more to your content.
We help organizations worldwide succeed thanks to producing affordable high quality training. Learn our secrets to lift your students to the next level

NETWORK - Meet some of the smartest companies and training organizers in the US and take your time to talk about projects and valuable networking opportunities