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Vyond allows you to create animated videos in a very simple way, starting from a list of templates, sounds, characters, objects and much more.

It is ideal for sharing training content with your workforce, or to accelerate conversion rate in the marketing environment. That's why it is also widely used to create trailers for courses that end up on the LMS platform.

Beyond the classic powerpoint presentations

Today's students need something beyond classic presentations. Here is a software that allows you to create dynamic content that increases users’ attention span.

Draw the attention with videos

A new way to create mobile culture, get a feeling of instant gratification and avoid being distracted by the thousands of notifications we receive every day.

Facilitates memorization

Studies have shown that adding video to training content can improve the ability to memorize information, concepts and details. Students prefer videos to static courses.

Why vyond?


Vyond allows you to create characters that adapt to any context. From specific jobs and professional environments to casual locations. You also have access to settings and animations that allow you to customize the video.


Take advantage of the Whiteboard animation mode to create dynamic and animated training contents that amaze your students with hundreds of possible combinations.


Generate MP4 or animated GIF exports in seconds, then share them wherever you want or import them into editing software like Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise.

Increase the interaction with storytelling

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Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication.


Thanks to animation, you allow your students to see the world through the eyes of a character they identify with.


Use dialogues, lip-synching and realistic movements to facilitate learning.

Thousands of possible animations

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Thousands of colors, characters and movements at your service. A huge gallery of useful assets to make your content unique and flexible so that it can adapt to any situation. It also imports music and sound effects.

Increase the effects of training

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No more bored students, slides with text only and sterile audio. Make a breakthrough in your way of communicating with videos and make e-learning something that fascinates, surprises and delights.

A great power in your hands

The perfect software for animated videos

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Reach Digital Transformation goals
Create simulations of real situations
Microlearning and elearning with a cartoon style
Synthesizes complex content with dynamism



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